A powerful Windows-based application designed to efficiently plan employee’s time attendance from different work places, for large and medium-sized businesses. Our 100% custom-built application is tailored to meet your unique business needs.

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Our HRMS solutions are trusted by big organizations and multinational companies for streamlining HR operations and optimizing workforce management.

Tailored to Your Needs

Benefit from 100% custom-built applications that align perfectly with your organization's unique HR requirements.

Effortless User Experience

Our HRMS solutions are designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a user-friendly experience for HR professionals and employees alike.

Efficiency, Minus the Bulk

Our lightweight applications deliver robust HR capabilities without unnecessary complexity.

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Effortlessly manage your schedule, simplify shift management and attendance

  • Staff scheduling (per month, filterable by employee or store/working place) and total overview of day off & shift planning
  • Ability to view scheduled or past shifts or leaves in the digital calendar month. Also headcount overview: Plan, actual, open, full and part time employee
  • Available overtime reports, plan time/actual working time report and shift swapping

Access work schedules from anywhere

Empower your employees with the convenience of accessing their schedules via our employee self-service app on the web through smartphones or tablets.

Smart features to upgrade your business

  • Possibility το send automatic email alert notifications applying your Company's Business rules
  • Manage requests from your employees efficiently, completely digitally, giving them the ability to request or cancel their request for a leave remotely via any device
  • Compliance with labor laws by protecting your organization from compliance issues
  • Allow employees to access their work schedule, ensuring that they can easily stay updated on any last minute changes

Smart workforce management system

Calculate employee work schedules and time off for any future period based on your available budget for personnel costs. Use web technology to support any remote project and the respective operational costs.