Imagine a store where every device operates wirelessly. With iPPOS, electronic brands are ushering in a new era in the retail world. Our mobile checkout capabilities are designed to eliminate long queues at the cashier desk, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

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iPPOS Retail

Embrace the Future of Retail with a new generation mobile POS. Experience seamless transactions, quick contactless payments, real-time inventory management, comprehensive Customer profiles, and powerful Clienteling features all in a single application.


An advanced Business Intelligence tool used by the Brand, Marketing, Field Managers or any Headquarter user who seeks to have instant access to the data captured by iPPOS Clienteling or iPPOS Retail.

iPPOS On The Go

An iOS application for Sales Associates to develop Sales and manage Customers, from the final deal and beyond, all on the go! A tool that aims at the digital transformation of Retail Business & enhancement of Customer Experience.

iPPOS Kiosk

Customer Self service Application via standalone iPad for self registration to Brand's Loyalty Club, redemption of loyalty points or vouchers and many more

iPPOS On the Go

Sales representatives application for Customer registration, stock levels & Mobile check out service via iPhone device

iPPOS Retail

iPad POS & Cashier management solution with flexible payment options covering also inventory management, Customer relationship management, Employee management and many more...

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360° Customer profile

Build robust customer profiles that provide sales associates with a comprehensive view of each customer's history, past purchases, needs, and desires. Monitor their buying behaviors and leverage product recommendation software to ensure a tailored and exceptional customer experience. Maintain an exclusive profile for each customer by utilizing our data cleansing software.

Implement tailored loyalty programs through a single mobile app

Gain a comprehensive understanding of each Customer's omnichannel purchasing behavior and omnichannel customer journey, encompassing in-store, online, or call center sales, to create highly customizable loyalty programs. Our loyalty system empowers you to turn your Customers into enthusiastic advocates, driving repeat business and nurturing enduring.

Inventory management made simple

Comprehensive solution that automates and streamlines your store operations. Easily monitor stock availability and inventory using your iPhone device or iPad POS, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

Seamless personalized Customer interaction

Effortlessly connect with your Customers through ad-hoc emails, instantly driving store traffic. Our modern clienteling tool empowers you to create effective re-engagement emails and target specific Customer segments. Send mass SMS messages to promote discounts, new products and accessories, fostering stronger connections.