iPPOS helps you apply an efficient clienteling strategy and enhance the overall shopping experience. Leverage the best product recommendation engine, register new customers on the go and offer quick mobile checkout.

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iPPOS Retail

Embrace the Future of Retail with a new generation mobile POS. Experience seamless transactions, quick contactless payments, real-time inventory management, comprehensive Customer profiles, and powerful Clienteling features all in a single application.

iPPOS Clienteling

Empower your sales associates with a comprehensive 360ยบ view of each customer, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences and foster stronger, more meaningful relationships.


An advanced Business Intelligence tool used by the Brand, Marketing, Field Managers or any Headquarter user who seeks to have instant access to the data captured by iPPOS Clienteling or iPPOS Retail.

iPPOS On the Go

Sales representatives application for Customer registration, stock levels & Mobile check out service via iPhone device

iPPOS Retail

iPad POS system & Cashier management solution with flexible payment options covering also inventory management, Customer relationship management, Employee management and many more...

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Incentivize loyalty with tailored loyalty program software for retail stores

Create exclusive loyalty clubs and inspire Customers to return to your stores frequently. Craft a point reward system aligned with your unique criteria, and reward your steadfast Customers with digital vouchers and tailored gift card programs, fostering lasting relationships and encouraging continued support.

Eliminate lengthy queues with easy mobile checkout

Offer your Customers the convenience of on-the-spot payments and avoid losing sales due to long lines. Enhance their shopping experience using an iPhone, for swift and hassle-free checkouts.

Maximize upselling and cross-selling potential

Leverage the capabilities of iPPOS to retarget, re-engage, and effectively upsell and cross-sell to members subscribed to your customer rewards program. Utilize the powerful customer profile software and past purchase history, along with a range of campaign tools at your disposal, such as email marketing, to customize your strategy and boost your sales.

Effortlessly manage your seasonal stores

Simplify inventory management with a single mobile point of sale, ensuring smooth operations for your seasonal stores with security and elegance. Enjoy an easy setup and seamless functionality, all at your fingertips.