Innovative application, that provides sales associates with a comprehensive 360º view of each customer, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences and foster stronger, more meaningful relationships. 

The Impact
of iPPOS in Retail


Increase of Average Units per Transaction


Increase of Club Members


Increase of Capture Rate

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Discover what your customers are looking for

Create comprehensive Customer profiles and collect valuable data about each individual.

  • Timeline 
  • Purchase History
  • Activity
  • Transactions
  • Loyalty

Be aware of your Customer’s preferences

Leverage customers' activity history to gain valuable insights into their preferences, interests, and behavior. 

Leverage clienteling features to close a Sale. Streamline the appointment booking process and provide convenience to your Customers

Maximize productivity through a modern digital agenda with enhanced features

  • Appointments
  • Automated Notifications and Reminders
  • Status

Boost sales and Customer satisfaction

Sales representatives, using the product recommendation engine, provide personalized services and make every visit to the physical store unique, enhancing cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Ensure compliance with GDPR

  • Digital consent form for communication
  • Opt-In, Opt-Out


What is clienteling?

Clienteling is a personalized approach to customer service where sales associates connect and build relationships with customers. This enables retailers to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' preferences and needs, leading to customized experiences and stronger customer loyalty. This practice has been used for centuries, as shopkeepers kept detailed records of their customers to provide exceptional service. In today's world, technology has improved clienteling through the use of customer data and analytics.

What does clienteling mean in retail?

Clienteling is a method used by retailers to cultivate connections between salespeople and clients by providing individualized assistance. This approach enables retailers to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' desires and interests, provide customized services, and enhance customer allegiance.

What is the goal of clienteling?

The main objective of implementing clienteling strategies is to foster lasting and devoted connections between customers and their preferred brands. By constantly evolving and enhancing the customer experience, brands can capitalize on every chance to reinforce these relationships.

What are the benefits of retail clienteling?

Through the implementation of a strong clienteling approach, you can effectively offer tailored service, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty among your customers. This, in turn, can enhance the overall customer lifetime value, encourage more repeat business, and generate more positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

What is clienteling software?

Clienteling software streamlines all in-store processes by centralizing all customer data, making it effortless for your staff to cater to their clientele. Superior clienteling tools encompass features like customizable customer lists and detailed transaction records for individual customers.

What is an example of clienteling?

Here is an example of clienteling in action:

A high-end retailer has a loyal customer, Sarah, who frequently shops at their store. Sarah has a particular interest in luxury handbags and always makes a point to visit the store whenever new styles are released. The retailer's sales associate, John, takes note of Sarah's preferences and purchases, and keeps a record of them in the store's customer management system.

When a limited-edition handbag from Sarah's favorite designer is released, John sends her a personalized email to let her know and invites her to a private viewing of the bag before it is released to the public. He even includes a special discount code just for her. Sarah is thrilled by the personalized attention and makes a special trip to the store to see the bag. She ends up purchasing it and also uses the discount code to buy another handbag she had been eyeing.

John follows up with Sarah after her purchase to thank her for her continued loyalty and asks for feedback on the shopping experience. He also notes her preferences for future visits and adds her to a VIP list for exclusive events and promotions.

Through clienteling, John was able to provide a personalized and enhanced shopping experience for Sarah, resulting in a loyal and satisfied customer who is more likely to return to the store for future purchases.