Leverage iPad POS app to effortlessly issue coupons and vouchers. Provides unified customer view across all stores and brands to ensure maximum efficiency. 

The Impact
of iPPOS in Retail


Increase of Average Units per Transaction


Increase of Club Members


Increase of Capture Rate

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Issue gift cards with barcode in multiple ways

  • Issue via iPad POS in hard copy or digital format (email or viber) with pre-defined amounts customizable by HQ admin Management or users
  • Customers purchase Gift Cards directly from your Online Store. The database syncs in real-time via API
  • Gift Cards issued by external systems. Data is synchronized to iPPOS Database via API

Issuing Vouchers was never easier

  • Generate automatically one or more vouchers after a transaction via iPad POS; each referring to a specific discount amount or percentage
  • Gift Cards issued by external systems. Data is synchronized to iPPOS Database via API.

Promotions and Discounts

  • Add transaction discounts on top of product discounts
  • Redeem vouchers / gift cards or loyalty points
  • Apply promotional actions per product

Redemption from anywhere

Enable your customers to redeem vouchers across all sales points, whether at the cashier desk or through the interactive kiosk software.


What is a coupon software?

A coupon software is a computer program or platform that helps retailers and businesses create, distribute, and manage digital coupons. It allows businesses to easily create customizable coupons and promotional offers, distribute them to their target audience, and track their performance and redemption rates. This type of software is often used in conjunction with marketing and advertising campaigns to help businesses attract and retain customers and increase sales. Coupon software can also include features such as analytics, customer segmentation, and automated email marketing.

What is a voucher software?

A voucher software is a software that helps businesses and organizations to create, issue, and manage their vouchers. Vouchers are a form of promotional offer or discount given to customers as an incentive to purchase products or services. These software systems can be used to generate unique codes, distribute vouchers through various channels, track the usage and redemption of vouchers, and analyze the effectiveness of voucher campaigns. This type of software is commonly used by businesses in the retail, hospitality, and e-commerce industries to drive sales and improve customer retention.

What is a gift card software?

Gift card software is a software used by businesses to create, manage, and track gift cards for their customers. This software allows businesses to easily issue and redeem gift cards, set expiration dates, and track balances and transactions. It also provides reporting and analytics on gift card sales and usage, helping businesses make data-driven decisions about their gift card programs. Some gift card software may also offer additional features such as the ability to personalize gift cards, integrate with POS systems, and offer loyalty and rewards programs.