Unleash the power of personalization in your in-store service
Take your customer relationships to the next level

Empower your sales associates with a comprehensive 360º view of each customer, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences and foster stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Mobile CRM

Mobile technology for collecting and managing customer data in-store easily.

  • GDPR consent form
  • Multi brand management
  • Fully customized on your needs
  • Available on iPad & iPhone


Unified loyalty engine for all channels, awarding the customers for interacting with the brand/company via any channel.

  • Loyalty schemes
  • Purchase history
  • Customer’s preferences
  • Inventory management

Dashboards and Insights

Comprehensive and tailored reporting, perfectly aligned with your unique requirements.

  • 150+ pre-made retail reports
  • State-of-the-art graphics
  • RFMS logic
  • Mobile dashboards
  • Target deviation analysis
  • Custom period sales tracking

Campaign Management

Easy and ad-hoc creation of customer segments based on automatic or manual rules in order to achieve personalized phone communication.

  • Tailor-made campaigns
  • Individualized follow-ups
  • Mass sending SMS

Digital Agenda

Tool for managing appointments and to-do lists seamlessly.

  • Shared store calendar
  • Contact lists

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"Congratulations to the iPPOS team for a job well done. I am happy to say we finally selected Free Futuresoft to cooperate. They have worked closely with us throughout the initial set up and rollout process, staying on task, on target, and on budget. I also appreciate their quick and courteous responses. I highly recommend their services!"

Sotirios Stamou, IT Manager L’oreal Hellas

Know your customers by name

Customer profile tool that ensures GDPR compliance. Full profile capturing with contact information, personal preferences and digital consent trace with opt in/opt out timestamps.

Reward loyalty, drive growth

Detailed insights into each customer's buying behavior, purchase history, communication, and product preferences.

Maximize sales associates’ productivity

Digital agenda. Access to a shared store calendar with all the appointments, staff to do lists and automated contact lists for interaction with the customers.

Elevate your customer’s experience

Utilize product recommendation engine and detailed insights into customer behavior to provide tailored suggestions based on past purchases and preferences.

Act with confidence

Custom reports are available for detailed view of the store progress, selecting by a wide variety of product, customer, date criteria. Ability to export data to .pdf or .csv

Keep your customers coming back 

Leverage the #1 mobile loyalty program for retail on iPad. Utilize advanced segmentation to identify and reward your loyal customers, offering personalized incentives that drive repeat visits and boost customer satisfaction.

The Impact
of iPPOS in Retail


Increase of Average Units per Transaction


Increase of Club Members


Increase of Capture Rate

iPPOS Footprint

Translated in 30 Languages

iPPOS prides itself on being able to connect with customers all over the world. With a presence in 30 different languages, iPPOS ensures that its users have a seamless experience, no matter what culture they come from. This extensive translation efforts shows iPPOS' dedication to reaching and assisting customers from all corners of the globe.

By offering our services in multiple languages, iPPOS is able to break down language barriers and allow customers to easily navigate and utilize their platform. This not only improves user experience, but also reflects iPPOS' commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

iPPOS Regions

IPPOS is trusted and utilized by businesses in various regions around the globe. We have a strong presence in EMEA, APAC & AMERICA.

50+ Countries

Become a part of a vast community of individuals from 50+ different countries by joining iPPOS. This powerful platform has had a profound impact on businesses across the globe, providing them with the tools to improve customer interactions, boost sales, and achieve success on a global level.

Οver 4000 iPPOS Users

Our revolutionary solutions have been successfully adopted by over 4000 users, providing a seamless platform for large-scale companies to enhance their clienteling processes. By utilizing our software, these businesses have been able to optimize their customer interactions, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and impressive outcomes.

Use Cases


Guests can choose how they shop, in-store, online, or through appointments. By offering more ways to connect, associates can send makeup and skincare product recommendations to customers with links to purchase via text, email, or chat. With virtual appointments, customers can book time, shop with a make-up artist, and get full-service consulting on applications.

Clothing and accessories

iPPOS simplifies the process of registering new customers on the go, using an iPad POS with offline capabilities. Your sales team can provide product recommendations and offer swift mobile checkout, enhancing the overall shopping experience.


Imagine a store where every device operates wirelessly. With iPPOS, electronic brands are ushering in a new era in the retail world. Our mobile checkout capabilities are designed to eliminate long queues at the cashier desk, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.


Mobile CRM

Next-generation CRM for iPads, delivering heightened efficiency in physical and pop-up stores. Integrates data from all stores, providing sales teams with a complete view of each customer's purchases, loyalty, and more.

Campaign Management

The ultimate tool for your marketing strategy. Simplify and instantly create customer segments, either automatically or manually, for personalized communication. Target specific audiences effectively through various methods to boost foot traffic in your physical stores.