A custom-built customer loyalty software for collecting, calculating and redeeming points. Implement loyalty strategies to attract your audience to the physical store and boost repeat sales.

The Impact
of iPPOS in Retail


Increase of Average Units per Transaction


Increase of Club Members


Increase of Capture Rate

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Our team of retail experts is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, from seamless onboarding and project deployment to continuous updates and improvements.

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Customer Categorization according to your criteria (Gold, Silver, VIP, etc.)

Create and manage efficiently the club membership. Maximize the performance of your marketing campaigns by sending to your members targeted messages and exclusive offers

Exclusive Rewards and Benefits

Track and manage Customer points seamlessly. Provide your Customer with unique incentives and create a sense of exclusivity

Omnichannel POS

Track and maintain purchase history and past interactions across all channels in a single customer profile. Collect omnichannel customer data and provide a unique one-to-one in-store experience

Smart customer rewards program

Calculate points based on the algorithm defined by your company. Point calculations are supported based on retail value, wholesale value, quantity, for specific product categories, for customers belonging to a specific category, etc. Award extra points if the customer has a birthday, participated in an event, etc.


What is a loyalty program software?

A loyalty program software is a digital platform that enables businesses to create and manage customer loyalty programs. These programs are designed to reward and incentivize customers for their repeated purchases or engagement with the brand. Our software includes features such as customer database management, reward point tracking, redemption options, and data analytics to help businesses better understand their customers' behaviors and preferences. The goal of a loyalty program software is to increase customer retention, drive repeat sales, and foster stronger relationships between a brand and its customers.

What is the difference between CRM and loyalty?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a system or strategy used by businesses to manage and strengthen their relationships with customers. It involves collecting and analyzing data on customer interactions and using this information to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Loyalty, on the other hand, refers to the level of devotion and commitment a customer has towards a particular brand or company. It is a result of positive experiences and satisfaction with the products or services provided by the company. While CRM focuses on managing and improving relationships with customers, loyalty is a measure of how successful those efforts are. In other words, CRM is the process, while loyalty is the outcome. Another key difference is that CRM is a broader concept that encompasses various strategies, technologies, and processes, while loyalty is a specific aspect of customer relationships.

In summary, CRM is a tool or approach used to build and maintain customer relationships, while loyalty is a measure of the strength of those relationships.

What is a loyalty management system?

A loyalty management system is a software platform used by businesses to manage customer loyalty programs. It allows businesses to track customer behavior, offer rewards and incentives, and analyze data to improve customer retention and increase sales. The system typically includes features such as loyalty program design, point tracking, customer engagement tools, and reporting and analytics. It can be integrated with other business systems such as CRM and POS to provide a seamless customer experience and personalized rewards.