iPPOS is the ideal clienteling tool for driving increased foot traffic in-store. By implementing an omnichannel strategy and tracking customer journey omnichannel, across various sales points, your sales team can deliver one-to-one personalized marketing, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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iPPOS Clienteling

Empower your sales associates with a comprehensive 360ยบ view of each customer, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences and foster stronger, more meaningful relationships.

iPPOS Retail

Embrace the Future of Retail with a new generation mobile POS. Experience seamless transactions, quick contactless payments, real-time inventory management, comprehensive Customer profiles, and powerful Clienteling features all in a single application.


An advanced Business Intelligence tool used by the Brand, Marketing, Field Managers or any Headquarter user who seeks to have instant access to the data captured by iPPOS Clienteling or iPPOS Retail.

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Build authentic relationships

Elevate your face-to-face service by delivering personalized consultations through the product recommendation platform that matches each customer's specific needs. Explore a diverse array of criteria, including shoe material, color, and style, to curate memorable interactions. Fully customizable solution according to your business needs.

Segmentation made easy

Effortlessly categorize your Customers based on their preferences or past behaviors. Establish tailor-made Customer clubs and efficiently manage your Customer list with a wealth of customizable criteria at your disposal.

Boost your store's foot traffic in off-peak seasons

Effortlessly devise a range of dynamic marketing strategies, including:

  • Ad-hoc campaigns
  • Mass SMS broadcasts
  • Re-engagement messages
Attract more Customers and drive business even during low season.