The Impact
of iPPOS in Retail


Increase of Average Units per Transaction


Increase of Club Members


Increase of Capture Rate

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We tailor our applications precisely to your business needs, providing a solution as unique as your Brand.

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Our team of retail experts is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, from seamless onboarding and project deployment to continuous updates and improvements.

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Our solutions are designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for the sales staff.

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Seamlessly utilize different REST APIs

Generate valuable insights and exchange data. Whether you’re integrating with your API - enabled CRM, ERP, POS, or other business systems or third party systems, our REST APIs provide a flexible and scalable solution to meet your unique requirements. Seamless synchronization of Customer profiles, sales transactions, inventory data, and much more.

Middleware integration zone

Seamless communication and data exchange with non-web friendly systems. Whether you're integrating with legacy systems, on-premises databases, or other non-web friendly environments, our middleware integration zone ensures smooth and secure data transfer.