Craft memorable pet experiences with iPPOS. Simplify your customers' pet-related to-do lists, notify them of upcoming vaccines, and track product lifetimes to send targeted offers. All automatically.

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iPPOS Retail

Embrace the Future of Retail with a new generation mobile POS. Experience seamless transactions, quick contactless payments, real-time inventory management, comprehensive Customer profiles, and powerful Clienteling features all in a single application.


An advanced Business Intelligence tool used by the Brand, Marketing, Field Managers or any Headquarter user who seeks to have instant access to the data captured by iPPOS Clienteling or iPPOS Retail.

iPPOS Clienteling

Empower your sales associates with a comprehensive 360º view of each customer, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences and foster stronger, more meaningful relationships.

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A complete 360° customer profile for each beloved pet

Introducing pet tabs for effortless recording of:

  • Basic Information
  • Medical History
  • Special Characteristics
  • Preferences
Enhance the customer experience by providing exclusive care to each pet.

Keep owners informed and pets healthy

Send timely reminders for scheduled vaccines, medication doses, grooming appointments, and all necessary actions via iPad. Save communication preferences and become your customers' top choice for pet care.

Unlock a range of promotion options

Select from diverse methods to showcase your offers and newly launched products. Tailor your approach by segmenting customers into clubs or sending mass emails. The clienteling platform supports ad-hoc campaigns, and every action is fully customizable to suit your unique requirements.

Turn your customers into enthusiastic advocates

Utilize the powerful loyalty software to craft customized rewards programs and encourage ongoing customer engagement in your store.