Our Vision

We believe in the uniqueness of every individual. That’s why we believe, that every customer needs a truly special treatment. Through iPPOS, we've successfully transformed thousands of retail stores worldwide into memorable shopping destinations dismantling barriers that once hindered the customer experience. At Free Futuresoft, our team envisions a future where physical stores become the customers' top choice once more, through the power of personalization.

About Free FutureSoft

FFS is an international software house offering mobile CRM, Clienteling and Retail solutions globally, including the regions of EMEA, APAC, and Americas.

The company has been providing first-class innovative services since 2005.

Back in 2011, we changed our course and decided to develop Mobile solutions and focus on a specific market niche.

In 2012 we managed to secure our first international client launching iPPOS mobile CRM application. With a presence in 50+ countries today and more than 1.900 Retail Stores, with global Retail clients and many others in specific Sectors, our company provides cutting-edge solutions that yield businesses high added value at low cost, making digital transformation affordable and feasible.

Headquartered in Athens, Greece, Free Futuresoft delivers both on-premises and Software as a Service (SaaS) business solutions to midsize and large organizations.

Free Futuresoft personnel includes professionals with long experience in the development of top-quality business software and cloud services.


  • 2005Free Futuresoft’s Incorporation

    Free Futuresoft was founded in 2005 as a software house to provide integrated and automated business solutions for Retail and HR sectors.
  • 2006Establishment in Retail Market

    This was the year when we first launched the inhouse developed "FS Retail" application. This windows-based system was oriented around Apparel & Footwear markets.
  • 2011Our first iOS native application

    The year one of iPPOS evolution! It was evident that our experience in the Retail sector could be a solid base to enter the CRM area. Back 2010, we took a strategic move to develop iPPOS Suite and in 2011 we were excited to launch our newly delivered CRM product. Nowadays, over 90% of the domestic Greek companies use our software in the Cosmetics sector.
  • 2012MSA Global with La Prairie

    First international client, La Prairie for the EMEA region for iPPOS Suite.
  • 2014iPPOS deployment

    By this time, iPPOS grew to over 15 countries for companies that have their businesses in Retail and Cosmetics.
  • 2016Launch of iPPOS Clienteling

    A major upgrade of iPPOS was delivered utilizing a Clienteling specific UI. Our Clienteling software continues to progress as a response to user’s needs and sector demands.
  • 2017MSA Global with ELC companies

    International contract with ELC companies for EMEA region for iPPOS Clienteling.
  • 2019Enter in the TR sector and set up of new installations

    We issued a major new edition of iPPOS that can be used by any Travel Retailer in duty-free spots and works seamlessly via API integrations with any 3rd party system (SAP, Salesforce etc.). At the same time new innovative modules join iPPOS Suite covering our client’s needs (Kiosk software) and requests (iPPOS Commissions). iPPOS Clienteling on iPhone is introduced. In the same year, we successfully set up our first Azure installation for iPPOS Clienteling.
  • 2020MSA Global with KANEBO and Development of an iOS mobile Retail Solution

    Free Futuresoft launches the next generation of POS systems! We are proud that iPPOS Retail is a unique Retail solution developed in iOS and available in iPads, that provides agile and omnichannel business approach and helps the Retail team do their best work via iPad in an effortless way!

    At the same time, the recent iPPOS Clienteling new installations are expanding in the APAC and America regions and an additional international contract is signed with KANEBO for the EMEA region. Today, 30 countries in total use iPPOS in their everyday workflow!

  • 2022iPPOS Retail in apparel & electronics

    iPPOS Retail is making a dynamic entrance into the Apparel and Electronics markets, offering its unique iPad POS software to numerous standalone stores of renowned enterprises such as L'Occitane, Bostonians, NAUTICA, La Martina, iStorm, and more.

    Simultaneously, iPPOS Clienteling is launching new features tailored for BENETTON Hellas, AHAVA skincare, and Rolex Hellas!