Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility constitutes an integral part of Free Futuresoft’s culture, while at the same time commits itself in implementing all regulations set by law, regarding social and environmental ethics.

Following our commitment to create a positive impact for our society and to environment, a part of our strategic plan is to restructure our CSR policy with the aim of evolving every year.

Free Futuresoft is an active society and business community member with solid corporate ethics and responsibility. The company integrates CSR to its daily business processes in a structured and consistent manner towards personnel, customers, partners and environment.

Our new Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility approach, apart four priorities and ethical practices:

Free Futuresoft’s CSR Prenciples

  • Being a responsible and committed employer: by promoting the physical and mental well-being of our employees, actively promoting diversity and equitable treatment for our employees and develop programs that make our employees proud.
  • Being a trusted partner: a partnership co-creates value for both business and society. Our culture compliance with the rules of transparency and business ethics and protecting data at every link in our business chain, maintaining trust with our suppliers.
  • Being a committed software house company: Integrating long term CSR principles into our everyday workflow and ethical practices.
  • Having a positive social footprint: One of our company’s main goals is to reduce waste. Limiting the environmental impacts of our business, we have developed a paperless system. Also, reducing office space and allowing our staff to work from home also minimize environmental impact.