Upgrade your business with check-in/check-out digital employment card

Get immediate access to employee attendance and checkout data.
Are you seeking a digital solution to manage work attendance in compliance with the new labor law, Ergani II? FS Ergani is a specialized tool designed to handle the new procedures for submitting and transmitting data effectively.

Employee inventory

  • Date of change declaration (effective start date)
  • Digital management of work attendance
  • Unique employment card

Digital employment card

  • Start/End of shift recording
  • Employee check-in/check-out time is transmitted automatically to ERGANI, real-time
  • Track record at least 10 years

Digital leave submission per month

  • Monthly declaration of all types of leaves
  • 38 types of leaves & hourly leaves
  • Employee details: ΑΦΜ, surname, name, date & type of leave

Digital work schedule program

A schedule management tool that helps you schedule and update shifts and leaves for your team. Plan for the upcoming day, week, or month and then respond to changing needs as they arise.

  • Stable work schedule program
  • Flexible/modifiable program

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Record entry - exit punches at the workplace

Employees can easily and quickly declare their time of arrival and departure from their workplace, either through the web app FS Ergani or via tablet (fixed digital time clock terminal).

Record entry - exit punches via web app

  • Capability to record employee check-ins and check-outs via the mobile app FS ERGANI from anywhere, using mobile devices (phone, tablet, or laptop)
  • Automatic real-time data transfer to the ERGANI system
  • Detection and correction of errors, with the option for retransmission
  • Ability to send alert notifications via email or SMS for timely employee notifications and error prevention

Why FS Ergani?

  • Efficient and seamless digital employment card coverage.
  • Ensuring business-employer legality.
  • Minimization of bureaucratic procedures without delay.
  • Accessible from anywhere, mobile, tablet, PC, laptop.
  • User-friendly even for the simplest user.
  • Application customization according to your business needs.
  • Error detection and correction, with the option of retransmission.
  • Automatic data transfer to the ERGANI system.