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Our HRMS solutions are trusted by big organizations and multinational companies for streamlining HR operations and optimizing workforce management.

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Benefit from 100% custom-built applications that align perfectly with your organization's unique HR requirements.

Effortless User Experience

Our HRMS solutions are designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a user-friendly experience for HR professionals and employees alike.

Efficiency, Minus the Bulk

Our lightweight applications deliver robust HR capabilities without unnecessary complexity.

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Accurate Time Tracking

Get reliable and impartial staff movement monitoring (joiners-leavers, absents, delays)

Eliminate the stress and complexity of payroll

Easily track and manage employee paid time off and gain expansive visibility into PTO usage across your entire company.

  • Covers Bank payment by sending files via the Internet or via magnetic media for known banks.
  • Offers a variety of reports on the payroll results and facilitates the issuing of necessary insurance documents. Of course we have the ability to develop any related new report upon request.
  • Can be run for a chosen period, depending on the user’s options
  • Reduce about 90% of your HR paperwork

Streamlined Attendance Management

Eliminates the need for manual attendance tracking and reduces administrative burden

  • Clock In - Clock Out
  • Data is automatically synced with the system